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June 16, 2017

A Blessing on Your House!

Sir Cedric had requested mitres similar to those used by the Orthodox faith. So I put together 2 styles. One is banded with the holy icons and the second is without the banding. After putting them together I did a few ... yes, only a few recolours for them. But I wasn't happy to upload only those. They needed priestly robes for them too. Utilizing VampireKiss66611's Jacoban priest converstion from TSM, I matched the priest robes with the mitres. I hope this is what you had been wishing for Sir Cedric.

 photo 4ff11251-f71a-4aaa-babf-c1321a42bfdf_zpsltprnlsr.png  photo f40feb59-dd48-40b4-bfdf-f9dc711eedac_zpsde9xyqzp.png  photo 4ac65791-4ddb-48e6-b072-8bdf71e3c855_zpsetejulct.png  photo e6cbca94-cbc0-4fdd-b909-c416c86f482e_zpshi5u5dox.png

May 17, 2017

I'm Henry the Eighth I am, Henry the Eighth I am I am .....

Like the title says, the cap created by Rosemaryr@ShareCG for both sexes, toddler to elder. I've been rather busy with RL so apologies it has taken this long to upload them. Between working part-time, being the caregiver to my Mom and visiting / absconding with my Dad from the long term care home taking him to lunch, (he suffers from Alzheimers), I am bloody knackered!!

So in the download link is the mesh with 23 recolour package files. Each package file contains three textures allowing for the jewelled pin with feathers cap, a cap with the jewelled pin and a plain cap without the jewelled pin and feathers. A kind of All-in-One zip. Pick and choose which ones you want. Or keep them all for a total of 69 hats to choose from.

I did try to make them suitable for the bigger hairs that people seem to like. But do note that they may clip with some of the thousands of hairs out there! Having just spent the last few hours putting them through the Bodyshop wringer, I don't really have the desire to take ingame pictures. I hope you'll forgive me and I hope you will find them useful for your Sims.

 photo e448e1e6-12fa-468e-9a7e-8db106528ee5_zpsynetschg.png

April 06, 2017

Tudor Rose by any other name!

Happy 6th Anniversary Keepers!
Sorry it took so long to post this next one. I ended up redoing it altogether since I wasn't happy with the first attempt. By Rosemaryr@ShareCG, a tudor-styled hat she created that was worn by Henry VII. It is wearable by both sexes, toddler to elder. The polycount for this one is 6178. I only took pictures of it in the Bodyshop picture viewer and it has 4 series of recolours for your lords and ladies' pleasure.

 photo e3ced048-5a29-4c57-aa02-3a76e818aa19_zpsvrnmxeep.png
 photo abe4bf7f-ec92-41e8-8a43-60f0a15c6e29_zps3mkmbkdu.png

March 29, 2017

Your Hat, Milord and Milady!

Happy 6th Anniversary Keepers!
Originally created by the fabulous Rosemaryr@ShareCG, more of her Tudor-inspired headwear. I did tweak the meshes' mappings for easier recolouring. Again, these are wearable by both sexes, toddler to elder. Polycount is 8253.

In-game and Bodyshop Images
 photo 0a6ac6a6-c10e-4fa8-afa1-2e0d9a944519_zpswkwgpcqk.png  photo c6b11533-1c73-4fb5-aab6-63998e289110_zps8ed8lh79.png  photo ef61392e-33d5-4b60-a999-0c38155a88ab_zpspgpn2vmp.png

March 27, 2017

Holy Headwear!

Happy 6th Anniversary Keepers! As mentioned at the Keep, it's been six years of incredible content created and friendships made. And I have some things to share with the Keepers too. A whole bunch of stuff actually. I just have to get the damned pictures of them all in-game in order to upload them for your pleasure. LOL! So to start off, Holy Headwear.

 photo 792081d8-b358-4750-8bd0-fcba8c36900c_zps1wlh24jv.png
 photo 802d8d38-2eea-43f2-a3ea-31b2a6841cf7_zpswrtmarqv.png